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Useful Links for Custom Wheel Purchasing Package Deal - This link has information about what Domes with a wheel and tire package. We try to take the hassle out of your car rims and lorry rims buying experience. This is summer so no opinion on winter performance.” - Orangeburg, N  4 days ago  Mavis Discount Tire, Wantagh N Continental ContiExtremeContact DWS06 Dry Wet Snow “Now, a couple of months later, I can judge better and say that I am very pleased with These tires.” - Bellmore, N  5 days ago  Mavis Discount Tire, Camillus N “Had these installed during winter months but only started driving on them in April N winter/Lt season. Corners flatter, rides quieter, handles rough pavement beautifully. Our tire pledge includes the guaranteed lowest price for your tires, as well as special financing, lifetime tire rotation and our Pep Boys limited warranty honoured at over 800 locations. Before you Western Union your hard earned money to any business When you buy wheels and tires, awareness is key. Major tire brands like Goodyear tires, Michelin tires, Cooper tires & Togo tires are just some of the brands that you can see when you visit and shop from We have the ability to provide you with a wide range of options for high performance tires, light lorry tires & SUV tires. More Take cares of your vehicle, and it will take care of you. Pep Boys has the answers - and the tools - to make your job easy. Will recommend you to my friends.” - Greenport, N  6 days ago  Mavis Discount Tire, Basking Ridge DJ “We still love these tires and have had improved petrol mileage!”

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.>More Pep Boys helps you crack the code to read the numbers and letters on your tire's side wall. Always been a Goodyear buyer, but switched Cooper after reading the reviews. Some heavy trailers, van and trucks use a half-inch measure. It is rare to find a gem like Jonathan. - Hackensack, DJ  2 days ago  Mavis Discount Tire, Bellmore N “Definitely would buy these tires again, the tires meet almost all expectations.. Using Plus Sizing and up to date information, we are able to properly fit your car rims and tires for you. LOW or HIGH? - Larchmont, N  1 day ago  Mavis Discount Tire, Newburgh N  1 day ago  Mavis Discount Tire, Poughkeepsie N “Like glue. I would highly recommend them.” - Rochester, N Get More Info  3 days ago  Mavis Discount Tire, Rochester N “As good as my hankook tires on my Mini Cooper for less $” - Rochester, N  3 days ago  MTS Tire, Lakewood DJ  3 days ago  Mavis Discount Tire, Hatfield PA “Please disregard the make and model information as these tires were purchased for a collector car 1970 Torino GT.